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Save Lots of Green When You Go Green Mar 26, 2019 »

Many of the companies I work with appreciate that Adams Commercial Cleaning only uses green products. There are several simple ways for an office to implement green business practices. The benefits of going green allows a company to have a positive effect on the environment, create a positive workplace, and save money.


I recommend performing an inventory of paper in your office. When I say paper, you may have automatically thought about a ream of 8.5 x 11 blank white sheets of paper.…

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Green Cleaning Machine Mar 26, 2019 »

At Adams Commercial Cleaning Inc., we pride ourselves on our dedication to using green, or eco-friendly cleaning products to give a deep, thorough clean. Many other cleaning companies utilize harmful cleaning products. These products contain chemicals which are bad for our environment, but they are also bad for our health.

Hidden Dangers

Many of these chemicals contain toxins which we inhale or encounter when they seep into the skin and thus, pass directly into the organs. Some toxic chemicals…

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