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How to Set a Budget for Janitorial Services

How to Set a Budget for Janitorial Services

Year-end usually means it’s time to start working on next year's budget. If you outsource your janitorial services or want to make room in the budget to begin outsourcing janitorial services I want to outline a few areas, you need to consider.

Setting a Standard

Low budgets do not necessarily equate to high standards. Several companies make the mistake of cutting costs in the areas of facility management. I have had some companies in the past make drastic cuts that I was not able to accommodate. Sadly, I had to part ways with my clients. In most cases, when they went with the cheapest bidder they found the level of service to be subpar. The majority of the clients called me back to reinstate services.

The lesson?

What looks good on paper, does not always translate well in reality.

Cost Variables

Most janitorial service companies look at a building and quote based off services such as trash, vacuum and cleaning the restroom. Often, contractors end up underbidding and soon realize they are losing money on how much time it takes to properly clean the building.

The first few months may be great, then a janitorial company will do what I call a bait and switch. Once the contract is signed and the first months of service are going great then they start to cut back on services. Suddenly, you go from three custodians, to one. Corners start to get cut on dusting, vacuuming and sanitizing the restroom.

Adams Commercial Cleaning Company provides quotes based on square footage and tasks that need to be performed. This allows us to develop a clear idea of:

  • Materials and product that are needed
  • Number of staff needed to sufficiently and effectively clean
  • Projected number of hours necessary
  • How often we need to clean

There is no guesswork or bait and switch. We use a legitimate computer software that helps generate the information needed to help determine an effective budget for your cleaning costs.

Call us for a complimentary consultation. We can help you set your budget for next year’s cleaning costs.

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