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Go Green, Save Big!

Save Lots of Green When You Go Green

Many of the companies I work with appreciate that Adams Commercial Cleaning only uses green products. There are several simple ways for an office to implement green business practices. The benefits of going green allows a company to have a positive effect on the environment, create a positive workplace, and save money.


I recommend performing an inventory of paper in your office. When I say paper, you may have automatically thought about a ream of 8.5 x 11 blank white sheets of paper. There are other paper items to consider, such as magazines, coffee filters, and disposable cups.

You do not have to go completely paperless, however, cutting back on your paper usage is a great way to help the environment.

Here are a few tips on how to cut back on your paper usage:

  1. Print on both sides of the paper
  2. Use reusable coffee filters
  3. Use a white board for task lists and notes
  4. Cut back on magazine subscriptions
  5. Adjust margins on documents. Smaller margins can mean less paper
  6. Use Google Docs or Dropbox so you can collaborate digitally
  7. Use coffee mugs in place of disposable cups

Office Plants

There are multiple benefits when by adorning an office with plants. Plants require upkeep so many organizations decide to forgo the real thing and decorate with fake plants. In my opinion, the only thing fake plants are good for are collecting dust.

If you do not have a plant lover or master gardener at your office, it’s possible to opt for a plant service. The financial impact live plants have on an office will help increase a company’s bottom line. Here’s how:

Here are a few reasons you should have plants in your office:

  • Reduces Stress. A study conducted in 2010 proved that offices with no plants were higher stress environments than offices with plants.
  • Improve Productivity. Plants reduce excess carbon dioxide in the air. Less CO2 improves concentration and improves productivity.
  • Reduces sickness and absenteeism.
  • Reduces ambient noise.

A green office is just a matter of breaking a few old habits and creating beneficial new habits. The benefits help save the organization money while providing a positive impact on the environment and employees.

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