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Commercial Cleaning Services

When you need a deep clean that goes above and beyond, there's no better choice than Adams Commercial Cleaning. As our name implies we specialize in commercial cleaning services that focus not only on tidying up your business but providing a cleaner environment. How do we do that? We go green. That's right! We don't use harsh chemicals on any surface; in fact, all of our cleaning supplies are eco-friendly!

With us your company will not only look better but feel better. Because after all, what good is a clean building with a toxic atmosphere? So if you're ready to have your commercial front transformed with quality cleaning services, leave it to Adams Commercial Cleaning!

Cleaning Services

As commercial cleaning specialists, we're more than equipped to handle all your cleaning needs. Our cleaning services can be tailored to your unique requests with ease but as a general overview our services typically include: dusting and removing construction dust, window cleaning, vacuuming, floor care, trash pick-up along with kitchen and common area cleaning.

So what industries do we work with? Well just about any type of commercial front in need of a deep clean! A few prevalent industries we work with include commercial and residential real estate, offices, medical offices, health clubs and more!

  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Polishing chrome
  • Common area cleaning
  • Trash Removal/ Pick-Up
  • General Dusting
  • Daily Vacuuming
  • Carpet Care
  • Hard Floor Surface Maintenance
  • Window Cleaning (removing stickers)
  • Restroom Cleaning
  • Entrances & Lobby Areas

Quality Cleaning Services

Why Choose Adams?

Clean Defined by You – We work with you to define clean and to discover what is most important to you. Whether it’s spotless floors, sanitary restrooms or a nice fragrance – it’s your idea of clean. Your professional image is important to you, your employees and customers. ACCI recognizes that clean is more than just surface or a feeling, it’s your complete environment.

Quality Cleaning

From dusting office spaces to sweeping and mopping floors, when we're done you won't see a spec of dust!


Part of what really highlights our company is the face that we only utilize eco-friendly cleaning supplies and chemicals so that you can have a toxic-free work environment!

Committed Staff

It's with pride, dedication and a high attention to detail that we strive to gain your continued business and customer satisfaction.

We Go Green!

ACCI services multiple industries in the greater Baton Rouge area. Our specific brand of janitorial services includes a focus not just on cleaning but on sanitizing and creating a healthy environment for your work place. We achieve this through the use of effective environmentally friendly chemicals and supplies.

Clean is more than just what we see. It is also the air we breathe. ACCI understands that using corrosive traditional cleaning products is not conducive to a healthy work environment. So take the next step in enhancing your facility – go green to help your employees stay healthy and productive!

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